About Us

Cuisine Seeker is a website roaming from simple food-related questions to deep-diving into the most niche of food geek topics. We have articles on everything from what pili nuts taste like, to whether or not blasting chicken skin with a hairdryer makes it crispy (hint: yep, it does).

We are excited and curious about the wonderful array of ingredients around the world and hope to share this with you, too. Whether you’re a new home cook or a pro chef, we hope you find something you like on our menu of articles.

Meet the Team

Ella Armstrong

CEO and Food Writer

Ella is a nutritionist and food writer who has written for major publications both in digital in print. She’ll try any food, although couldn’t manage kæstur hákarl – Icelandic fermented shark!

She’s a keen cook and avid traveller, so when she’s not writing about food or playing in the kitchen, Ella can be found sampling local dishes all over the globe.

James Marston


James is a private chef from Wyoming, though he has worked in over 30 countries. His experience ranges from working on megayachts and five-star hotel kitchens to cooking for A-list celebrities.

He’s always looking for new ways to experiment with different ingredients, which he loves because it challenges him creatively. James dreams of winning Masterchef one day!

Janet Smith RD

Nutritionist and Dietitian

Janet is a nutritionist and dietitian. As she loves to say, “no food question is too small or silly.” Janet has been in the field of nutrition for over fifteen years – during which time she’s seen many changes in attitudes towards health and wellness.

Janet enjoys simple food, with quality ingredients. She loves trying new dishes on her two teenagers, using locally sourced food near their California home.