Where to buy Baileys Almande in the UK (& what’s in it)

Vegan? On a dairy-free or gluten-free diet? Love original Baileys and just want a lower calorie version? Rejoice! Baileys Almande is finally here to stay. Baileys Almande is the non-dairy almond milk version of the …

Vegan? On a dairy-free or gluten-free diet? Love original Baileys and just want a lower calorie version? Rejoice! Baileys Almande is finally here to stay.

Baileys Almande is the non-dairy almond milk version of the famous Irish cream liqueur. It used to be a limited edition only. Now it’s stocked more widely in the UK, especially by online retailers. Here’s a list I’ve put together of where to buy Baileys Almande in the UK, and a few other common questions about it.

Online shops who (usually) have Baileys Almande in stock are:

Of course, there are other retailers who stock Baileys Almande, but I’ve chosen the three above because they don’t tend to run out of stock, and they’re listing it at a decent price. It’s best to check all of them and compare, because sometimes one will do a special offer and the others follow suit.

Bear in mind that if you do have Baileys of any kind delivered, it’s an alcoholic product so you’ll usually need to verify your age when you order or take delivery of the bottle.

What is in Baileys Almande?

The official description is: “sweet almond oil and almond essence (from crushed almonds), cane sugar and purified water with a touch of real vanilla”.

The ingredients list doesn’t appear on the bottle, presumably because Baileys want to protect the recipe from copycats. However, its allergen information does state that it contains almonds and soy.

Is Baileys Almande Vegan? Gluten Free? Dairy Free?

Yes! After a tweak to the recipe in 2017 Baileys Almande is now officially listed as Vegan. It’s also dairy free and gluten free.

What’s the alcohol content of Baileys Almande?

The alcohol strength is 13%, similar to many bottles of wine. A bottle contains 9.8 UK units in total. For those watching their alcohol intake, this is much less than the original Baileys, which is 17% alcohol (and far more calories).

How many calories are in Baileys Almande?

Baileys Almande has 67 calories per serving. This is almost half the calories of regular Baileys, which comes in at 130 calories per serving. Those watching their calorie intake might prefer to switch to Baileys Almande, especially if you’re stirring it into your Irish coffee or using it as a cooking ingredient.

How long does Baileys Almande last once open?

To date, there hasn’t been any clear recommendation from Baileys on how long an opened bottle lasts. However, original Baileys is best kept in the fridge, so its safe to presume that Baileys Almande will last longer when refrigerated, too.

The alcohol in all types of Baileys should preserve it quite well. Original Baileys is guaranteed to last a couple of years, but it has a higher alcohol content. Baileys Almande should, with proper refrigeration, last at least a few months in the fridge.

The best way to tell if Baileys has gone bad is to use the usual sniff test – if it smells different to how it did when freshly opened, it’s best to throw it away and be on the safe side. If you taste it and it seems off in any way, it’s perhaps better to get a new, fresh bottle.

Baileys Almande Coffee

Is Baileys Almande good? What are reviews like?

Baileys Almande used to be a limited edition only, so reviews are a little harder to come by due to its former scarcity. Existing reviews seem to go one of two ways:

New Vegans who used to enjoy a Baileys tipple or cocktail at Christmas or other occasions are now really happy that they can have a Vegan Baileys. Apparently, it goes really well in an Irish coffee, or you can ‘cut’ it with coconut milk for a creamier texture. It’s also been used as an essential ingredient in Vegan or dairy free desserts that were previously off limits, like Tiramisu or boozy mousses.

It’s GORGEOUS! Sweet and creamy! Would never know it’s vegan. Lovely to drink with a bar of chocolate. Its an absolute buy again

TiaW, Amazon UK

Many reviewers prefer the sweeter, more ‘nutty’ taste. The label recommends it’s best served over ice, so perhaps this influences the flavour too.  

On the other side, people expecting Baileys Almande to have the thick, creamy taste and texture of ‘real’ Baileys say that Baileys Almande has a thinner consistency. This could be an advantage if you’re using it as a pour-over, but it’s not what some people expect.

It has a recognizable tang of Baileys original, but texture and thickness though is very different – it’s much thinner and the colour is lighter. A very tasty tipple, and great to have a dairy free alternative to Original Baileys! We’re looking forward to trying out the cocktail suggestions on the bottle!

AimeeOx, Waitrose

The Baileys Almande bottle has three serving ideas on the back, including ‘straight’ with ice, a ‘refresh’ with coconut water, and a Baileys Almande frappe.

If you want to read the most up to date reviews, then Amazon usually has the most – click here to read them.

Can you pour Baileys Almande into coffee?

Yes, you can – in fact, people have reports this is one if their favourite ways to enjoy Baileys Almande. However, the bottle does warn that it may separate at higher temperatures, so make sure the coffee is hot, rather than boiling.

It’s probably a good idea to gradually add hot coffee to the Baileys (while stirring), rather than the other way around. This will help to keep its consistency and stop it from separating.

Is there a Baileys Almande gift set or sample miniatures?

Baileys Almande gift sets usually appear just before Christmas. When they appear in stock, check back on this page, where I’ll publish which shops have them.

Baileys Almande Gift Set

The Baileys Almande gift sets usually feature two miniatures of Baileys Almande with two serving glasses. This is a great option if you’re not sure you’ll like Baileys Almande and don’t want to buy a whole bottle of it, since the sets usually cost less than a bottle. Also, if you decide it’s not for you, you can still keep the glasses.

Of course, a gift set isn’t just for trial purposes – it’s ideal for friends or family who are Vegan, dairy-free or gluten-free and want to enjoy a Baileys at Christmas. Because there are two glasses, there’s no excuse not to share it with them!