Can You Eat Quorn Raw, Uncooked or Cold?

Some people can be lax about vegan and vegetarian foods since they feel they don’t need to worry about the dangers of uncooked meat. However, food safety still applies. So, there are lots of Quorn …

quorn sandwich on a plate

Some people can be lax about vegan and vegetarian foods since they feel they don’t need to worry about the dangers of uncooked meat.

However, food safety still applies. So, there are lots of Quorn products you should not eat raw, uncooked, or cold. 

We’ll walk you through how to handle the most popular Quorn products. 

Can You Eat Quorn Raw or Uncooked?

Most Quorn products should not be eaten raw or uncooked, in particular their frozen and chilled foods. The only exception is products from their designated ready-to-eat range. 

Some people can be lax with vegan products because they feel the lack of raw meat or eggs excludes them from the risk of food-borne illnesses like salmonella or from parasites. This is not the case.

The main issue with consuming raw or uncooked Quorn is that any potential bacteria on the food will not be killed. In particular, this is a concern if you are eating from an already opened Quorn packet.

Salmonella, E-coli and other harmful bacteria can grow if food has been left at room temperature for too long, and will make you sick. These bacteria can flourish within 20 minutes of being removed from the fridge or freezer. 

For example, the inside of frozen food takes the longest to thaw out. So while you are waiting, bacteria could be forming on the chilled exterior.

So, you should cook these products before eating, especially if they have been left out for a while. Some bacteria such as Listeria monocytogenes can even grow in cold fridges which is why it is recommended to cook food first as this can make you very sick. 

Aside from the food safety concerns, the Quorn will not taste good if it is not cooked. The texture is heavily influenced by the cooking method; otherwise, it may feel spongey. 

Here are some of the most popular Quorn products which must be cooked before consumption.

frozen quorn meatballs in a plastic container

Mince & Meatballs

Both their frozen and unfrozen mince need to be cooked before consumption. Not only for food safety purposes but because it will not taste good either.

The Swedish Style Balls are an alternative to meatballs. These come frozen, so they must be cooked in the oven or fried on the hob.

Frozen Chicken

Quorn has several chicken-alternative products, including; 

  • Frozen Fillets 
  • Buffalo Dippers
  • Meatless ChiQin Wings
  • Cutlets
  • Southern Fried Bites 
  • Hot & Spicy Bites
  • Crispy Nuggets
  • Dinosaur Nuggets
  • Diced Pieces
  • Crispy Fillets 
  • Meatless Chicken Patties
  • Hot & Spicy Patties

Bacteria can grow if you leave these products to thaw out at room temperature- especially if they are not going to be cooked. 

Their chilled Emmental Escalopes need to be oven cooked – even if the packaging is similar to the ready-to-eat products. 

Fishless Fingers

Quorn Fishless Fingers come frozen so they will need to be cooked before consuming. 


Quorn confusingly has two kinds of vegetarian bacon slices with different cooking instructions.

The vegetarian bacon slices that come in a clear, resealable pouch can be eaten uncooked from the packaging. The vegetarian bacon slices that come in an orange cardboard box need to be cooked on the hob for at least three minutes.

Make sure to read the instructions on the box before purchasing to ensure you get the right one.

Steak & Burgers

Quorn peppered steaks need to be cooked in the oven or fried on the hob. The meatless gourmet burgers also must be cooked on the grill or stove. 


Quorn’s frozen roast takes the longest out of all their products to cook; 55 minutes in the oven.

quorn sausage in a frying pan


The cocktail sausages from the ready-to-eat range can be eaten uncooked straight from the packaging.

However, the sausage patties and frozen sausages must be cooked.

Ready Meals

Qurorns ready-made meals like cottage pie, tikka masala, and lasagne also need to be cooked, either in the hob or microwave. They instruct customers to serve these piping hot.

Heating food until it’s piping hot is to ensure any bacteria that may have grown in the middle has been killed before serving. 

Are Quorn Products Ready to Eat?

Quorn offers some ready-to-eat products, but not all of their products are which is why it is crucial to always read the packaging carefully. It should go without saying, their premade meals and frozen foods need to be cooked. 

According to Quorn products from their deli, savory snacks, and food cupboard range are ready to eat. The products available in this range vary per country so always check the label to ensure you’ve picked up the right item if you’re hoping to avoid cooking.

The ready-to-eat range includes the following products:

  • Sausage Rolls
  • Cocktail Sausages
  • Picnic Eggs
  • Vegetarian Bacon
  • Vegan Pepperoni
  • Vegan Chicken Free Slices
  • Vegan Ham Free Slices
  • Sweet Chili Bites
  • Garlic & Herb Bites
  • Vegan Roasted Slices 
  • Vegetarian Turkey & Stuffing Slices

Note their Turkish Style Kebab and Peri-Peri Strips are not included in this range despite similar packaging. Quorn advises customers to fry these products for three minutes and serve hot. 

They also offer frozen and unfrozen sausage rolls. The frozen sausage rolls still need to be cooked. The frozen sausages cannot be consumed raw either. 

While these products do not need to be cooked, you still need to practice good food safety. Reseal the container and place them back in the fridge after use to keep them fresh.

frozen quorn burger patty on cutting board

Can You Eat Quorn Cold?

The ready-to-eat Quorn products, such as the slices for sandwiches, can be eaten cold immediately after opening the packet. 

Regardless of whether you’re eating Quorn or real meat, you should not consume cold-cooked food that has been chilled at room temperature for a period of time. Cooked food must be refrigerated within two hours, placing hot food in the fridge can alter the temperature of other items and result in the growth and spread of bacteria. 

Quorn products can be stored in the fridge for 48 hours and must be pipping hot when reheated. Reheat food should hit 165 °F to ensure any potential bacteria has been killed. Leftovers cannot be reheated more than once. 

You can eat the ready-to-eat products if they have been stored in the fridge, and have not been left out at room temperature for more than a few minutes. This includes the meat-free slices, picnic eggs, bacon, unfrozen sausage rolls, and unfrozen cocktail sausages. 

I hope this guide helps you determine which Quorn products are right for you and your needs!