5 Potato Chip Storage Ideas and Advice

Want your potato chips to stay crispy for the next few days – or even weeks? We got you! In this article, we talk about five ways you can keep them tasting like you just …

potato chips with laundry clip

Want your potato chips to stay crispy for the next few days – or even weeks? We got you! In this article, we talk about five ways you can keep them tasting like you just opened the bag. Keep reading to learn how!

5 Potato Chip Storage Ideas 

They might not be the healthiest food out there, but potato chips are undeniably delicious – unless they’re no longer fresh. Here are five ways to store potato chips the right way:

1. Storage Containers

Airtight Containers

If you’re serious about keeping your chips fresh, look no further than airtight containers.(A disclaimer: airtight containers won’t 100% prevent air from getting inside, but they do keep airflow to a minimum.)

potato chips in an airtight container

Air is the enemy when it comes to keeping chips fresh and crispy. Airtight containers are designed to keep air away. The lid is crafted to fit the container tightly, usually with a rubber seal and closure latch.

Airtight storage is advised by many health and food authorities because of its efficiency in keeping out moisture and air, which can both be vehicles for spoilage and even contamination.

If you use airtight containers to store potato chips, you’ll be guaranteed out-of-the-bag quality for a couple of weeks. 


Some say Ziplocs don’t seal as well as other airtight containers. Whether you agree or not, Ziplocs have got to be one of the most useful items, not only in the kitchen but also in the whole house.

Ziploc bags are a great way to store any leftover potato chips. Just make sure you seal them completely!

potato chips in ziploc

2. Freezing

You can freeze leftover chips or even freshly opened ones. Just remember to freeze them and not refrigerate them.

While most pathogenic bacteria (the ones that can make you sick) cannot survive inside the fridge at the right temperature, some spoilage microorganisms can (source: USDA). While it’s unlikely you would get sick from eating spoiled potato chips, why take the risk?

potato chips in freezer

Potato chips have little to no moisture in them, so when you freeze them, they won’t get soggy. In fact, they will remain crispy and fresh. You can even eat them cold (source: Men’s Health).

3. Chip Clips

If you don’t want cold chips, don’t have any storage containers for potato chips like the ones listed above, or just want to keep the chips in their original bags, you can go for clips.

We recommend two types of chip clips. One is made exclusively for bags of chips or food, and the other two are something you most likely already have at home. 

Chip Bag Clip or Food Bag Clip

There are dedicated clips for bags of chips. I repeat, there are tailor-made clips for bags of chips.

These clips resemble a handheld window squeegee. Take a look at this House Again Chip Bag Clips or this ddLuck Large Chip Clips.

These clips are also available in different sizes so they will fully cover any potato chip bag size. They are easy to use, convenient, portable, and available in different colors or materials such as plastic, silicone, or metal.

potato chips with binder clip

Binder Clips

Consider binder clips to be a smaller version of the chip clip. While they are mainly used to bind papers, they also work well as a way to close your bag of potato chips. Just make sure they are clean before you use them. 

Laundry Clips

They’re technically for laundry, but they’re also useful for food storage! Just make sure they’re clean and they don’t have detergent residue before you use them.

potato chips with laundry clip

Laundry clips work the same way as chip bag clips and binder clips. However, you might use more than one to guarantee that your potato chips are fresh and crisp for longer.

4. Rubber Bands

Rubber bands aren’t just office supplies – they’re also helpful tools to keep chips fresh!

potato chips with rubber band

Rubber bands are not as convenient or efficient as clips and storage containers, but they are still a good choice if you need to keep your potato chips crispy for the next day or two.

5. Folding Techniques

Not a fan of using any other bags, clips, or tools? Then this video is for you! It demonstrates two ways how to effectively close a bag of chips by folding, without the use of clips or other materials.

With these tips, you’ll be able to save that bag of chips for tomorrow’s snack time!