What is Watermelon Seed Butter, and How Does it Taste?

Watermelon seed butter is the new craze. But is it really that good? Watermelon seed butter is a seed butter made from dried watermelon seeds that are either grounded raw or roasted. Watermelon seed butter tastes …

roasted watermelon seed butter

Watermelon seed butter is the new craze. But is it really that good?

Watermelon seed butter is a seed butter made from dried watermelon seeds that are either grounded raw or roasted. Watermelon seed butter tastes like tahini, but it is nuttier and less bitter. 

Find out why many are switching their peanut and almond butter out for watermelon seed butter below!

What Exactly Is Watermelon Seed Butter?

Watermelon seed butter is made from watermelon seeds. First, the seeds are dried and the outer shell is removed. Then they are either ground right away or roasted before being ground and jarred.

Despite its growing popularity, there aren’t many watermelon seed butters on the market. The two main brands are 88 Acres and Dastony.

88 Acres is probably the most popular watermelon seed butter. The brand offers the original watermelon seed butter and an unsweetened version. Both are made from roasted organic watermelon seeds.

Dastony only offers one variety of watermelon seed butter. The company prides itself on using only one ingredient to make its product: 100% certified organic raw watermelon seeds.

Some people who make watermelon seed butter at home sprout the watermelon seeds. They do this by soaking them in water for a couple of days and proceeding with the rest of the steps. 

This is believed to help make the nutrients in the watermelon seed more absorbable (source: Lose It). 

What Does Watermelon Seed Butter Taste Like? 

Watermelon seed butter is likened to tahini, which is made with ground sesame seeds. Tahini is usually toasted and combined with oil to make it creamy and spreadable.

Watermelon seed butter has the same consistency and similar taste as tahini but is not identical. The texture isn’t gritty, and the color is paler than tahini.

Tahini also has a stronger and nuttier flavor profile than watermelon seed butter. However, watermelon seed is much less bitter than tahini, which is great if you use it for sweet recipes. 

Since watermelon seed butter is currently only produced by the two brands, let’s compare each according to what they say about their products.

According to 88 Acres, 88 Acres Roasted Watermelon Seed Butter is perfectly balanced when it comes to sweetness and saltiness. It also has a mild, savory flavor. The butter is made from shelled and roasted white watermelon seeds. 

Like tahini, it works well with not only sweet foods but savory dishes as well. The brand also claims that its watermelon seed butter has more benefits, nutrition-wise, than tahini. 

Their 88 Acres Watermelon Seed Butter Unsweetened, on the other hand, has the slightest salty taste and spicy flavor. It is made from peeled or shelled seeds, but it’s unknown whether they used white or black watermelon seeds.

Unlike 88 Acres, Dastony seems to make their Dastony Watermelon Seed Butter from unroasted seeds. Other than that, it is pretty similar.

How to Eat and Use Watermelon Seed Butter

Watermelon seed butter has a variety of uses. Here are some ideas:

  • Add it to avocado toast for breakfast or other toasts like peanut butter and jelly.
  • Use it as a dip.
  • Mix it with dressings or soups.
  • Add it to smoothies for a great-tasting protein shake.
roasted watermelon seed butter

What Are The Benefits of Watermelon Seed Butter?

Plant-based butters are an excellent substitute for dairy butter. Apart from being more sustainable and eco-friendly, they are less likely to increase the risk of developing obesity, hypercholesteremia, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and other diseases.

They are also great sources of antioxidants and bioactive substances that have anticarcinogenic, antifungal, and anticytotoxic properties (source: Food and Agriculture Spectrum Journal). 

88 Acres watermelon seed butter has high protein content at 8 grams per serving of 2 tablespoons, as well as 1 g of fiber and 180 mg of potassium. The Dastony brand has the same values (sources: 88 Acres, Dastony). 

Plant-based protein is good for adults. It supports normal weight maintenance and helps prevent obesity. It is also satiating and makes you feel fuller for longer (source: Nutrients).

Fiber provides amazing benefits to the human body, such as lowered risk of gastrointestinal conditions, heart diseases, obesity, hypertension, and diabetes (source: Nutrition Reviews).

Potassium is also beneficial because it is needed helps maintain intracellular fluid essential for the normal functioning of cells (source: NIH).  

So use watermelon seed butter as you would any nut or seed butter, and get all the nutrients every time!