Which White Chocolate is Gluten Free? [Brand Guide]

Some people prefer white chocolate over regular types of chocolate. So, which brands are safe for people with gluten intolerance and sensitivity? Pure white chocolate is inherently gluten-free. Some white chocolate brands that offer gluten-free …

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Some people prefer white chocolate over regular types of chocolate. So, which brands are safe for people with gluten intolerance and sensitivity?

Pure white chocolate is inherently gluten-free. Some white chocolate brands that offer gluten-free white chocolate are Lindt or Lindor, Nestle, and Reeses. For white chocolate chips, these brands include Chocolate Emporium, Great Value Organic, Moo Free, and others.

Find out below what these other brands are, and when white chocolate can contain gluten!

Is White Chocolate Always Gluten Free?

Pure white chocolate has no gluten. Pure chocolate with good quality is generally gluten-free. On the other hand, types of chocolate that come from impure sources or have lower quality might contain gluten because of the fillers added.

Some companies use low-quality chocolate and add fillers along with other simple ingredients so they won’t spend too much on ingredients. Their chocolate products also tend to be less expensive. 

Pure white chocolate is also generally free from gluten. White chocolate is actually not chocolate because it doesn’t have any cocoa solids. Its white appearance comes from the fat of the cacao bean.

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White chocolate is added with sugar, milk, an emulsifier, flavorings like vanilla, or other ingredients. It is made up of at least 20 percent cocoa butter, around 14 percent milk solids, 3.5% milk fat, and sweeteners that won’t exceed 55%. (source: Gluten Free Club).

White chocolate, predominantly, doesn’t contain gluten. The only time it becomes not gluten-free is when it is exposed to and becomes contaminated with ingredients that contain gluten. 

This can happen when it is manufactured in a facility that also processes gluten, wheat, or other gluten ingredients, or if it has been intentionally added with these ingredients as part of the product offering.

For example, if it is added to crispy cereal, which most likely contains wheat, as opposed to rice crispies that have no gluten. Other gluten-containing ingredients that could contain gluten are cookie crumbs, pretzels, or biscuits that contain wheat, barley, or other grains that contain gluten.

To be on the safe side, only eat pure white chocolate. If it has added ingredients, check the label for questionable ingredients. You can check this list for additional reference. Always check the ingredient list whether it’s pure or not.

Also, if the white chocolate you are planning to eat is likely to be contaminated with gluten, avoid it at all costs. This can be from a chocolate fountain that people might be coating their gluten-containing desserts with. 

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If the white chocolate has been situated near desserts that are most likely to have gluten, steer clear of it entirely, even if is pure white chocolate (source: Rachael Roehmholdt).

Is White Baking Chocolate or White Chocolate Chips Gluten Free?

Not all white chocolate chip brands are free from gluten (source: Rachael Roehmholdt).

However, there are some that are, such as Chocolate Emporium, Great Value Organic, Moo Free, Nestle Toll House Premier White Baking Chips, and Pascha Chocolate among others (sources: Chocolate Emporium, Great Value, Moo Free Chocolates, Pascha Chocolate). 

Which White Chocolate Brands are GF? [Guide List]

Here are some popular brands and their gluten status based on their packaging label or their website.


On their website, they stated that many of their chocolate products are gluten-free, but the white chocolate version wasn’t mentioned. If you have an intolerance or sensitivity to gluten, they recommend checking the ingredient statement on all their food products before eating them and speaking with your physician when necessary.


Cadbury doesn’t label any of their products as gluten-free and their website doesn’t mention them being gluten-free.

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LINDOR White Chocolate Bar, White Chocolate Truffles Box, and their other white chocolate offerings as well as other products don’t have any gluten-containing ingredients according to their website (source: Lindt USA). 


Some of Hershey’s products state on the packaging if the product contains wheat, and this includes some of their white chocolate. On their website, they recommend reading the product label to know if their products have gluten (source: Hershey). 


According to Nestle UK, their Milkybar Giant White Chocolate Buttons are gluten-free. Their other white chocolate offerings are not listed (source: Nestle UK). To find out more about their gluten-free products, you can visit your local country’s website here


Reese’s Thin White Peanut Butter Cups do not have gluten according to their website (source: Hersheyland). 

While some of these brands don’t have a gluten-free label nor do they mention their products being gluten-free, they have a chance of being gluten-free if none of their ingredients contain gluten, and if they weren’t exposed to it during production.

For this, we recommend contacting the manufacturer to confirm the gluten status of their products. We hope you found this article helpful!