Is Bacon Better Crispy or Chewy? Pros vs Cons

How do you like your bacon cooked and which one is better? In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of crispy bacon and chewy bacon. Bacon is delicious whether crispy or chewy. …

crispy bacon

How do you like your bacon cooked and which one is better? In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of crispy bacon and chewy bacon.

Bacon is delicious whether crispy or chewy. It will boil down to what you like. Bacon is bacon. However, cooking it crispy where fat can render and melt off is the healthier choice. But we don’t recommend eating it every day.  

What type of bacon is healthier, and how do you order crispy or chewy bacon at the restaurant? Find out more below!

Is Bacon Better Crispy or Chewy? 

Did you know? According to research, around 268.04 million Americans ate bacon in 2020 (source: Statista).

A survey by Wichita Business Journal reveals that 69% of people like their bacon crispy, while only 31% like it chewy. While this is not a scientific survey, it tells us that more people like a crispy type of bacon (source: Wichita Business Journal). 

According to another poll with 1,395 participants in the US, 37% like their bacon crispy, 34% like it very crispy, and 16% like it chewy (source: Yahoo Finance).

Clearly, Americans like their bacon crispy. But some people outside the US, like in some parts of Europe and some parts of the UK, prefer chewy or soft bacon over crispy bacon. They’d still eat crispy bacon but would choose soft or chewy over it. 

Bacon in the UK called back bacon, is meatier than American bacon which has more fat than meat. This is most likely the reason why the British like their bacon chewy because chewing on crispy lean meat is not a treat to the senses, not to mention, laborious.

turkey bacon in a frying pan

Like back bacon, turkey bacon is also chewy. It is a meaty type of bacon. However, it will turn too chewy when overcooked. This will deliver a burnt taste which is definitely unpleasant (source: A Table Full of Joy). 

Chewy bacon is great for dishes that are saucy or have a soft texture. This can be pasta, casseroles, or sandwiches. Check out our article to learn the various methods to make chewy bacon here.

But this isn’t always the case for all sauces. Guacamole, for example, tastes excellent with crumbled crispy bacon. Other dishes that are just as delicious with crumbled crispy bacon are mixed nuts with crispy bacon, cheeseburgers, and salads (source: Miss Vickie).

Crispy bacon and chewy bacon both taste great. It will only depend on you whether you like one over the other.

Is Crispy Bacon Healthier than Chewy?

People often ask this because to end up with crispy bacon, the fat will have to be rendered to come out of the bacon. 

According to a registered dietitian, while bacon is not the healthiest food, you can still enjoy it sometimes. And when it comes to fat, there is something you can do about it. 

Cooking bacon by making it crispy (not burned) is the healthiest way to cook it. Yes, the healthiest because the fat will melt down. All you have to do is drain it on a paper towel or kitchen napkin after frying it crispy (source: Eating Well). 

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With this said, remember that bacon is still bacon, no matter how you cook it. American bacon, specifically, comes from the belly of the pig and has more fat than meat. It would be wise to not overindulge. 

crispy bacon

Back bacon, also called rashers or Canadian bacon, is taken from the pork loin part of the pig (source: Masterclass). It has more meat than fat, and could therefore be healthier than American bacon.

Although both are bacon, they taste different from each other. 

How Do You Order Chewy or Crispy Bacon in a Restaurant?

We all like our bacon differently, whether at home or the restaurant for dine-in or takeout.

In diners and restaurants, bacon can be served soft, crispy, or in between. Most bacon is served not too crispy or soft. You can order your bacon either soft or crispy. 

If you want soft or chewy bacon, some diners call it “Medium”. But if you don’t mention it when you order, your bacon will be cooked in between (source: My Recipes). 

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When it comes to which one is better than the other, it will all come down to your preference at the end of the day. If health is a concern, we recommend rendering as much fat as you can, and not consuming bacon regularly. 

We hope you found this guide helpful!