Is Pepperoni Gluten Free? [Brand Guide]

Pepperoni has got to be one of the most loved processed meat worldwide. But what about its gluten status? Pepperoni is gluten-free if it has the “gluten-free” label. Look for this label on the packaging, …

pepperoni slices on a board

Pepperoni has got to be one of the most loved processed meat worldwide. But what about its gluten status?

Pepperoni is gluten-free if it has the “gluten-free” label. Look for this label on the packaging, or look up the website of the manufacturer if not contact them, to ensure that the pepperoni they offer is safe. Some ingredients used in making pepperoni have gluten.

What are some pepperoni brands that are gluten-free? Discover them below!

Is Pepperoni Gluten Free or Not?

Pepperoni is free from gluten if it bears the “gluten-free” label. This is because some ingredients used in making pepperoni contain gluten. 

A question has been raised if meats coming from animals fed with grain cause problems with gluten-intolerant or gluten-sensitive people. However, meat is generally gluten-free when plain and fresh.

This means meat that has no breading, sauces, marinade, and the like. This is because they might contain gluten in their ingredients, like soy and teriyaki (source: Beyond Celiac). 

A study on the gluten analysis of beef was conducted using nationally representative beef samples. This means that the beef samples were taken on a national scale.

The study showed and upheld that beef meat is inherently gluten-free (source: Nutrients). 

Pepperoni Slices Ready to Use

According to an expert, meat, no matter what you feed it, will not contain gluten. Meat can only have gluten if it has been breaded or filled with ingredients that have gluten (source: Best Food Facts). 

Pepperoni is considered to have no gluten. The only problem is that many production sites that make pepperoni also make meat or meat products with seasoning that have gluten, thereby posing a risk of cross-contamination (source: The Gluten Free Bar). 

This is why the Ohio College of Health Sciences and Professions advises that unless the label says “gluten-free” (or any similar label), that food should be avoided. This applies to processed meat like pepperoni (source: Ohio College of Health Sciences and Professions). 

UC San Diego Health agrees and states that fresh meat is Celiac-friendly unlike processed meat (source: UC San Diego Health). 

With all these said, it is, therefore, crucial to read the ingredient list and the whole packaging of a food product. After all, it only takes a few seconds to review and prevent the ingestion of possible gluten-containing ingredients. 

Which Pepperoni Brands are Gluten Free?

Let’s take a look at some pepperoni brands and check their gluten status. 


According to their website, here is a list of gluten-free products designed to assist those with a gluten allergy or intolerance:

Hormel® Natural Choice® Pepperoni (uncured, Turkey)

Hormel® 1891™ Pepperoni

Hormel® Pepperoni (Less Fat, 50% Less Sodium, Diced, Hot & Spicy, Original, Thick Slice, Turkey)

Hormel® Pepperoni Minis (Original, Turkey)

Hormel® Pepperoni Snack Bites (Original, Turkey)

Hormel® Pepperoni Stix (Original, Turkey)

Hormel® Cheese & Pepperoni Loaf

They also recommend reading the product label to help consumers find out if their product will meet their specific needs (source: Hormel Foods). 

pepperoni slices on a board
pepperoni slices on a board


Margherita Pepperoni doesn’t have a “gluten-free” label on its packaging, nor does the website mention that their pepperoni is. 


Freschetta, a popular frozen pizza brand, contains wheat flour and malted barley flour in its crust which makes it not gluten-free. It is not friendly for people with Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.


The Kroger® Sliced Pepperoni, Kroger® Sliced Turkey Pepperoni, and Kroger® Gluten Free Sliced Mini Pepperoni all bear the “gluten-free” label on their respective packaging. 


Dominoes has a build-your-own pizza that you want to be cooked on their gluten-free crust offering. However, according to them, their Gluten Free Crust is made in a common kitchen. It is at risk of gluten exposure. 

Domino’s doesn’t recommend this pizza crust for those with celiac disease and advises gluten-sensitive customers to exercise judgment (source: Domino’s). 

Mamma Cozzi

Mama Cozzi pepperoni pizza is said to be gluten-free but it doesn’t seem to have the “gluten-free” label. It is an Aldi brand and they don’t mention it being gluten-free.

Are Vegan Pepperonis Gluten Free?

There are food products that are vegan and gluten-free. Daiya Meatless Pepperoni pizza is gluten-free. The same is true for Amy’s Gluten Free Vegan Meatless Pepperoni Pizza. 

Oggi’s also offers a gluten-free pizza but it is stated as vegetarian and not vegan.

When buying pepperoni or pepperoni pizza, always read the packaging or contact the manufacturer if you have doubts. We hope this article helps!